• communi


    At Blann Tractor we care about our customers’ opinion to improve our service, that’s why we work hand in hand with them to attend fast and efficiently their needs, concerns and suggestions

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  • maintain


    All of our trucks and equipment are monitored on a daily basis by a team of professionals that make sure they meet the highest quality standards for everyday operations

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  • safety


    With an excellent safety record Blann Tractor Company provides great service quality for its clients by complying with all state and federal safety regulations

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  • hazmat


    We’re in the business of serving our customers’ hauling needs. We specialize in the following materials and more:

    - Chemical transfers
    - Natural disasters
    - Industrial hygiene

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  • flat-img

    Flat Beds

    Transportation is the second-largest industry in the United States. At Blann Tractor Company, we do much more than ship freight. We deliver products to market. We deliver transportation solutions. We meet specific trucking needs, no matter what they are.

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  • dump-img

    Dump Trucks

    We’re in the business of serving our customers’ hauling needs. We have 50 trucks and 70 end-dump trailers ranging from 24 feet to 39 feet in length, both aluminum and steel. We specialize in loading, hauling and handling the following materials and more

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  • construction-img


    Blann Tractor Company has track hoes, front end loaders, bulldozers and a host of tractors to facilitate the site preparation for the largest construction jobs.

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